My arms are empty and acheing...

I can’t believe I’m a mother without…

Life has been twisted and turned upside down. As a mother, I had both the wonderful privilege of holding my sweet son as I brought him into this world…and the horrible chore of holding him as he took his last breaths and left this world, at only 7 years old. June 24, 2010 he earned his angel wings, passing away after an inspiring but brief fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Now I live, solely focusing on living a life to get to be with him again in heaven, and to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis research. I am dedicated to a cure, not only for my sweet sons legacy but so that other CF families never experience the greatest loss of their lives that we are now facing. My mother’s arms are missing Connerman, yet he still inspires me daily to leave a mark of LOVE on this world…so for you my sweet prince, mommy will try!

Love Love Love

Always Always Always

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Miss Brynlee…a blessing in the rain…


July 11, 2012 marked a day that we will never forget as long as we live. My due date was the day prior, and upon seeing my Dr. and being 5cm dilated and not officially in labor, we decided to induce the following morning. Brad and I checked in at 7am (early!) and got the IV placed and set up for monitoring. Turns out I had started having contractions every 5 minutes but they weren’t painful, just a little uncomfortable. at 9am my dr came in and broke my water to get the induction rolling, we decided not to do IV Pitocin and to let my body see if it would get the ball rolling….and it did. I was visiting with my mom, my friend Trish and brad and around 10:30 I felt like the contractions were getting to the point where they were serious. I had the nurse check me and she said I was about 6.5cm dilated so I decided to have her call the anestisiologist to get some IV pain meds since I felt it was going to be awhile still….

well I was wrong.

about half hour after being checked I got up to go to the bathroom and BOOM! it was just what she needed to descend farther. I got back in bed and was in instant pain. intense pain…like don’t talk to me or I’ll bite your head off type pain (but I kept that to myself Smile) because when I’m in pain, I get very, very quiet and focused. the nurse rechecked me and within that 20 minutes I had gone from 6.5cm to fully dilated and a baby on the way! the anesisiologist came in and was able to place an epidural (very, VERY slowly and a little too chipper I might add)…doesn’t she realize it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to hold still during contractions that only have 20 seconds between them…STOP talking and start working lady! sheesh…anyway…the epidural was placed BUT never worked. I progressed too quickly and my dear baby was face up causing intense back pain, and being bone on bone like that blocked the epidural from working. lovely. it was a nice thought though…

so I started pushing and the room filled with people from the nursery etc and before I knew it my baby girl was laying on my chest and I felt instant relief. I did check to make sure she was infact a she…and I was shocked that she was an entire POUND lighter than both Hunter and Bradyn. She was 7.5pounds and 20.5inches long, born at 12:21 with an epidural that took effect immediately AFTER she was delivered hehehe…so I guess I got my monies worth Smile.





She is such a love and we can’t imagine our lives without her in it! It’s like she’s always been here! We all adore her…and now we’re a beautiful family of 5 PLUS one <3 <3 <3 Connerman couldn’t have hand picked a more perfectly beautiful addition to our family. She looks just like him at birth…and in other pictures she looks just like both Hunter and Bradyn as well. A perfect combination!



  1. She is so perfectly perfect! Congrats!!! Super big hugs from Woodville, Ohio tonight and always!

  2. She is beautiful. Congratulations. I have seriously been checking your blog for weeks for a post on this baby girl. Thinking of your Connerman too.

  3. I haven't checked in on your blog in a while... Congratulations on your daughter! :) She's a beauty - definitely had some guidance from C in being chosen for your family. Love!

  4. I've been checking into see if you had her yet! congrats!

  5. Many congrats Sarah and family! I have been checking here to see if you had posted about your newest addition! She is a little beauty. OH and you look amazing post baby! :)

  6. Congratulations Sarah! She's beautiful!!

  7. So So So HAppy for you guys!!! She is beautiful just like her momma! Xo


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